Shooting a Video

I recorded a video for Perfectly Honest – and it was so much fun! 

green screen bedroom


Wondering how we made the green screen video book trailer? Did we fly to LA, take a train to a fancy Toronto studio?





Just after Christmas, I recorded a book trailer video for Perfectly Honest. My son’s bedroom had the perfect green wall for a green screen effect. My son picked the colour when he was younger, and I remember trying to talk him out of something so bright. Luckily he insisted!

Sandy James, one of my son’s friends and a recent graduate of the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University, set up the ‘studio’ with lights and sound. We filmed 3 versions – one line by line and two without stopping.

Sandy did a fantastic job editing, adding the cartoons, and choosing the music. The result is fun and light-hearted, which I love.

Here’s the final version: