Advice for Successful Interviews!

Hey Everyone – Margo and Trace here! We’ve certainly had our fair share of interviews and we thought we’d share 7 priceless pieces of advice for a successful interview. Don’t leave it to luck!!


  1. Do your research. Know something about the company and if possible, the person who will be interviewing you. Check their social media sites – especially Linked in, Twitter and Facebook. Have a good understanding of why you want that company specifically. The casual info you learn from Twitter may help you understand the type of person you’ll be working with.


  1. Prepare answers to the commonly asked questions and practice speaking them out loud. Get a friend to help. There are lots of internet sites but HERE‘s a link to a good one.  And prepare for the zany questions too, like if you were a cartoon character who would you be and why? HERE‘s a link to more!


  1. Bring a resume. Just in case they ask or have misplaced the one you already sent in.


  1. Dress smartly – it’s a sign of respect and remember, generally you’ll be interviewed by someone older than you (and older people generally want conservative, neat, and a bit dressy). Skip the bright green collared polo and reach for the white or grey dress shirt +/- the tie.


  1. RchcVyGUBe early!! Arriving 10-15 minutes early is respectful.






  1. Smile when you greet the interviewer and look them in the eye. Eye contact = confidence (even if you’re quaking inside).


  1. Try to come up with 1-2 questions that you can ask them at the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions. Avoid anything controversial or that might indicate that you’re only interested in a short-term position.


There you have it – interview with confidence!! Good luck with your next interview 😀

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