5 – Tennis ball trivia

green and yellow five


It’s Day 5 of the Perfectly Honest Countdown! One of the sexiest scenes in Perfectly Honest is a strip tennis game between Sam and Mikaela. I won’t tell you who wins :). Here are five fun facts about tennis – I’ve heard some of these questions show up at job interviews (aren’t you glad you stopped by!)





fuzzy tennis ballWhy are tennis balls fuzzy?

The fuzz actually has a purpose. Tennis balls are made of bouncy rubber and the fuzz makes the ball softer, slows it down in the air, and helps control the bounce. The racquet can get a better grip on the fuzz and it provides more surface for spin, which the better players really appreciate!



Why are tennis balls yellow?

They used to be white, but yellow balls were easier to see when the tennis matches were shown on television. The International Tennis Federation switched to yellow balls in 1972 and Wimbledon made the switch in 1986. What? No blue streak following the ball – like what they tried for hockey!!




How did the word ‘love’ come to mean a score of zero?

It is thought to originate from the French word l’oeuf (egg) because an egg looks like a zero. Slight mispronunciation – but it stuck! It may also come from the English phrase ‘neither for love, nor money’ indicating nothing.



racquet and tennis netHow high should a tennis ball bounce?

There are rules about this! If you drop a ball 100 inches from the ground, it needs to bounce back 53-58 inches. So get out there and check all those old tennis balls lying around.



dog and two tennis balls

What else can you use a tennis ball for?

We use it on the top of a hockey equipment tree so the helmet has something soft to rest on. Sewing a tennis ball on the back of someone’s pajamas apparently helps prevent snoring – haha I’ve never actually suggested that to someone! What other uses have you found?



Sam wants to remind you to wear eye protection when playing tennis!

Launch day is getting closer! Worried that you won’t be able to download Perfectly Honest to your iPad? Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how!