3 – Mikaela’s Astrologers

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Day 3 of the Perfectly Honest Countdown and it’s all about the signs (as opposed to the bass :D)! Zodiac signs.

Hi Folks, Mikaela here again. I have to say I love reading my horoscope every day! In fact, I follow 3 different ones and pick the one I like best. I know some people don’t have a lot of faith in horoscopes, but I think they’re fun and I love it when they send a positive pep talk my way. Sam’s mom (you’ll meet her too) is a little more fanatic about following the signs. She drops by and weighs in on whether Sam and I make a good zodiac match.



aries ram with blue background


My birthday is April 10 – Aries.






scorpio with blue backgroundSam’s birthday is November 8 – Scorpio.





How about you? What’s your sign?


I’ll share my daily horoscope from all 3 of the gurus I follow including:

Zodiac Zach – Don’t leave home without him.

Written in the Stars by Esmeralda Garnet

happenstance horoscope


Interestingly, all 3 horoscope gurus had the same message for everyone today:

Invest in the written word. It brings much joy and happiness. Don’t be afraid to download Kindle Cloud Reader – reading in the clouds will have great rewards. If in doubt, unplug and plug in again. Laugh every day. Love every minute.


Trust me – I’m being Perfectly Honest! Drop by tomorrow for my You-‘Two’b video book trailer for Perfectly Honest. I’ll tell you right now – Sandy James does brilliant work!