On CFRC 101.9fm

on the air photoSo, you’ll never guess what I did today! At 10:30 a.m. this morning, I was busy writing (current WIP is going very well!) and I received a phone call from Douglas at CFRC 101.9fm Radio. He asked if I would like to do a radio interview. Yes, of course! When was I available? Noon today? Yikes. My first reaction was – I don’t think that’s enough time to worry about it.

Luckily my make-up and hair were particularly attractive today – oh too bad you won’t see it on the radio! We met ‘on location’ (translation –outside a coffee shop). Douglas has a nifty tape recorder that he can take anywhere to do interviews.

I think it went pretty well! Hopefully he can edit out all the ums and ‘you knows’. We did two interviews – one focusing on being an author and writing and advice I would give to new writers. The other focused on what started my writing career – advice I wanted to give young people about health issues. Things like what it means to take ownership of your health (applies to any age!) and the chaotic transition of starting (and finishing) at university.

I won’t give any more away – here’s the link to listen to the full broadcast.  www.cfrc.ca   Go to Listen —> Program Archives —>

June 23 6pm Part I  – starts at 6:12 – My work with students and my inspiration for writing.

June 23 7pm Part II – My writing process.

It was another exciting step in my journey as an author. Thank you very much, Douglas, for this opportunity!

Douglas has had a very interesting path to his radio career. I think he’ll need to be on Sharing the Awesome! You can catch his regular show CFRC 101.9fm on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. called Aboriginal Voices. It’s all things Aboriginal – music, authors, art, local and national issues. He also hosted Our Stolen Sisters, an eight-part series in response to missing and murdered Indigenous women and the impact on the community from a variety of perspectives. The podcasts are available HERE.