Author Spotlight – Iris Wynne!

It is my pleasure to welcome Iris Wynne today! She’s celebrating the release of her debut novel on May 27, 2015. It’s a cozy mystery called The Missing Mah Jongg Player! And she’s from Toronto!

Iris WynneMeet Iris – Iris Wynne is a book lover, a day dreamer and a hopeless romantic. She is a writer of cozy mysteries with an element of romance. She is a mother of two girls and in her spare time she dog walks, plays golf in the summer and of course grabs a game of Mah Jongg whenever she can.



What song would be your theme song? I: My song would be ‘Storybook Love’ from the Princess Bride movie. The words and music are beautiful and clarifies what it is truly like to be in love. Of course, you’re talking to a hopeless romantic writer.

Lovely! What you pick as a super power? I: I would like to be invisible so I could be a fly on the wall. Pick up some interesting conversations—for a book perhaps?

Haha – you need to be careful with that though – you never know where your words (or someone else’s) will take you! What’s your favourite desert? I: My favourite desert is chocolate cake. But I like chocolate cake made with milk chocolate icing the old fashion way.

Yum! Tell us about your debut novel (so exciting!) – The Missing Mah Jongg Player


Iris Wynne-The Missing Mah Jongg PlayerSteve Wade is an ex cop with an ex-wife and girlfriends he could never commit to. Now he’s a private investigator known for his knack in solving crimes.

This handsome private eye never has a problem finding clients. His newest case involves five frantic Mah Jongg players who are in search of one of their players who disappeared after meeting a man on an online dating site.

Steve Wade is reluctant to take the case. He believes she is just another woman not wanting to be found. But the women are insistent that their missing Mah Jongg player did not vanish on her own. In the meantime, they organize a Valentine’s speed dating gig inviting all the suspects who dated Marilou Dickson, the missing Mah Jongg player, in an attempt to find out what happened to her.

As he watches the dinner play out he begins to realize she may not have gone willingly when all the suspects are presented before him. He even hires his sometime drop dead gorgeous girlfriend for the event to lure the culprit out into the open. Steve just hopes no one goes home with a potential killer.

He has to work fast when the case begins to unravel as lies and betrayal become evident and the truth of what happened to the missing player becomes clear. Will he be able to find the suspect before they choose another victim? This may be his biggest challenge yet.

The story sounds great and I’d like to learn more about Mah Jongg 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and good luck with your first book!!

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    Congrats Iris! I’m looking forward to reading The Missing Mah Jongg Player. Joanne 🙂