Countdown Day 3!

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It’s Day 3 of the Perfectly Planned Countdown! Here are 3 fun facts about writing the story.





PerfectlyPlannedFlat2_850When I thought about writing the third book in the Perfectly Series, I wanted to have a main female character who was different from Mikaela and Margo. They were both a little more serious in their roles as physicians. I wanted Chloe to have a different voice, so she needed a different personality. She was really fun to write – she’s a little bit crazy but has a heart of gold. As I wrote the story, I found myself asking, “Now how would Chloe say that?”


Chloe has a tendency to operate just on the other side of the law so I thought it would be fun to pair her up with Rip – a Staff Sergeant with the police force. I didn’t know a lot about the life of a police officer so that took a bit of research. Actually it made me appreciate how easy it was for me to write about doctors – knowing the lingo, the habits, how they approach problems. Luckily, I have a connection with a newly retired police officer and he was very patient about answering my questions. Because not only did I quiz him on how the team worked, but all the other stuff that makes a character believable – like nicknames, clothing and equipment, what does the office look like, do they hang out with each other outside of work – it’s the small details that make the character real.


Photo Rip's blue MiataIn the story, Chloe borrows a blue Mazda Miata convertible (and loves driving it). Around the time I was working on the final round of edits on the story in late October, I came out of the grocery store and you’ll never guess what was parked beside my car. Yes, a blue Mazda Miata convertible!! I couldn’t believe it – I don’t think I’d ever seen one. I’m sure the other people in the parking lot were wondering why I was grinning and snapping pictures. 😀

I’m very excited to share Perfectly Planned with you! Only 2 more days. If you’d like to pre-order it, click HERE. Tomorrow, I’ll share the You’two’be video trailer and announce the lucky winners of the Rafflecopter draw.

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