Perfectly Together Fun Fact #3

The release day for Perfectly Together has been set for February 14!! It will be a Valentine’s treat. 😀

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some Perfectly Together fun facts.

Having a cover designed is one of the best parts of the publishing process. It’s when the vision of my book and characters really come alive. I thought I’d share the evolution of the covers. The design on the left was the first iteration by graphic designer Rae Monet, and the design on the right is the final. I thought the red font of the title was too busy, and I asked if the background behind the couple could be white to match the other books in the series. It’s a little plainer but I like the simplicity. I thought the chalet vector in the lower left captured the essence of the building that Jayden loves. The two hearts with stethoscopes represent the two doctors in the story.




The e-version of the book only shows a front cover, but I also get print copies so I need a back cover as well. The original design of the back cover featured the Home Sweet Home sentiment which fit the story, but was a little too homey. Graphic designer Karen Duvall found 2 other cool graphics – one of a set of skis and the other, a ski hill. The ski hill was my vision of the panoramic view Jayden has when she looks out her window. And it’s blue so it matches the Interlock Publishing logo!



Decisions made – the covers are at the printer and I should have print copies in a couple of weeks. Very exciting!


Perfectly Together ~ Book 6

Newly graduated naturopathic doctor Jayden Locke has a dream – start a practice in small-town Emerson and never move again. She’s found the perfect office building to buy. It passes an inspection, design plans are drawn up, and the bank okays the loan. Only one problem.

Dr. Cole Cameron scoops it before she has a chance to submit an offer. What?

It’s a good investment. Cole isn’t interested in settling down. He works three jobs in three different towns and would just as soon keep moving. But something about Jayden’s defiant eyes and sexy smile makes him pause and reconsider.

What are the chances that a heart filled with wanderlust and a soul longing for a home fit Perfectly Together?