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Let’s give some #AuthorLove to Tina Gayle and her romantic suspense Tainted Rose.

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Meet Tina GayleHer first romantic novel published in 2008, Tina Gayle has written over thirty romantic books under two different pseudonyms. Her novels span several different genres from contemporary to fantasy and sweet to erotic. She enjoys the challenge of drawing a reader into a story and having them travel down the same road as her hero and heroine. Married thirty years, she enjoys spending time with her husband on the golf course. Find out more about Tina on her website www.tinagayle.net




Tainted Rose

Maybelline Beasley enjoys her life in the Silver Leaf 55+ community until her neighbor is murdered. With all eyes point at her as the prime suspect, she struggles with her fear of cops and her attraction to Detective Billy Bob Cooter. Can he save her from the real murderer who’s looking for an escape goat? Or will her second change at love come to an end by a killer’s gun?


“You have reached the 911 operator for Sitwell. What’s your emergency?” The calm voice appeared pleasant enough, but Maybelline wasn’t sure how long it would stay that way.

“I believe my neighbor is in trouble. She likes to hang out on top of her roof and meditate.” An unmovable lump formed in her throat. Swallowing her emotions, she started again. “But, she’s, uh, not moving and lying slightly off kilter as if something is wrong.”

“Could she have fallen asleep?” The operator suggested.

“No, I tried…” She stopped mid-sentence as she realized the woman might have a point. After all, Rose could be a little deaf. To test the theory, Maybelline searched for a way to make noise. “Wait, a second.”

She leaned into the car, set her hand in the middle of the steering wheel, and laid on her horn. The blast echoed around her, and she turned to glance up at her neighbor.

Rose didn’t move.

The certainty of an adverse outcome resonated through Maybelline’s body. The heaviness of grief robbed her of strength. She sagged against the car’s doorframe for support and lifted her cellphone back to her ear.

“Madam, madam, you don’t need to blow the horn. That might frighten her, and she could fall off the roof.” The operator sounded irritated by the interruption.

“But how else could I tell if she was asleep?” Maybelline didn’t understand the woman’s problem.

“Why don’t I just send someone out to check on your friend?”

“That would be helpful, thanks.” Maybelline lowered the phone knowing the 911 operator would want to keep her on the line, but she had no intentions of doing any such thing. She had gone through the whole rigmarole the last time and had no plans to do it again.

“Miss, I need…”

Maybelline hit the disconnect button and stuffed her cell in the pocket of her jeans.


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