New Cool Color Swatch App!

Color Swatch

I’m so excited to congratulate Brad Kratky on the release of his new app, Color Swatch! It’s available for iOS and bonus – it’s free! I love using it to take pictures of stuff and storing and organizing the colours. Then by swiping left on the colour bar, the colour can be edited or shared. Brilliant!!



Brad, what inspired you to make Color Swatch? Last summer I wanted to make a small open source project. Open source projects are free software source code developers contribute to the community. I made a tool called “BradColorPicker” which can be used to choose and adjust colours. Any iOS (iPhone) developer can add this colour picker to their project!

After making that, I thought it would be cool to build on the project a little. I hadn’t worked with realtime video, so I also wanted to incorporate that into the app. So I combined the two – I wrote a small program, which identifies colours from video, then BradColorPicker can be used to adjust it!

I love that you took a project you had worked on and built onto it – and learned something in the process! What was the coolest thing you learned making this app? It was fun integrating my own open source project into the app, and I learned about performing efficient computations on streamed video to produce realtime results.

I have no idea what that means but it sounds amazing. 😀 What unique features does it have? There seemed to be a lot of colour pickers from still images, so the most unique feature is that it chooses colour from streamed video! I’m not really sure if it’s truly unique, I just did it for fun.

Fun and useful! Brad, congratulations on this project, getting it up on iTunes, and creating something cool and easy to use! 

If you’d like to try out Color Swatch, check it out HERE