Day 4 ~ Beyond the Face-Off Countdown!

the number fourIt’s day 4 of the 10-day Countdown!! Beyond the Face-Off is Book 3 of the In the Game Hockey Romance series. (Book 3 already!) August 24 is the big day. Woohoo!




In an audition, like any interview, body language plays a critical factor in whether or not you will land the job. Here are a few of Kelly’s tips to help you get the gig:

  1. Smile. Avoid displaying sadness, anger, or disdain as you enter or leave the audition room. Leave those negative expressions for when you’re acting!


  1. If a director makes a suggestion to improve your audition, face them and lean toward them slightly. This shows you’re actively listening. And apply their advice!


  1. Harness confidence. Make eye contact. Don’t move your eyes too much and never look at the ground. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.


  1. Pump yourself up before heading to the audition. Listen to music that gets you pumped, think of a time when you felt proud of an accomplishment, call a friend or family member who makes you feel good, and wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good. Start building your confidence before you head out the door.


Beyond the Face-Off

Kelly Danali has a big personality. She runs a pharmacy by day and lights up the local theatre scene by night. There’s nothing she craves more than a spot in the limelight. Jake Ross is a homegrown hockey star. He’s been traded back to the Clarington Quakes and spends most of his time avoiding the press and hockey-crazed fans.


Kelly wants to curb an alarming trend of drug abuse in local teens, and Jake, with his athleticism and sex appeal, would be the perfect spokesperson. Except there’s one problem – there’s nothing Jake craves more than privacy and solitude.


Jake finds Kelly irresistible and skates around the possibility of falling in love, but is she more attracted to hockey, fame, or him?

There’s more to love…Beyond the Face-Off.

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