Day 3 of the Countdown!

It’s Day 3 of the 10-Day countdown until the release of Don’t Drop the Baby! Feb 4 is the big day. Today I’m sharing the inspiration behind the story.

I’ve been busy working on this series for the past year. I originally had the idea for this story two years ago. I’m a physician, and I work at an Urgent Care Clinic. I frequently see patients with infectious illnesses and advise them to stay home from school or work until they’re no longer contagious. Sometimes it’s difficult for working parents to find care for their sick children – often they just can’t take a day off and it’s nearly impossible to find a caregiver willing to look after a child who is ill. It also isn’t easy for someone living on their own to cope when they don’t feel well. I thought caring for the sick when they are temporarily ill would make a great job for a retired doctor – they wouldn’t be daunted by the illness. That is how Dr. Brogan Corkie’s character was born. Initially, I was going to have her care for the sick in their homes and then bring two people together in that context. But when I started writing, I ended up giving Brogan a hobby – she enjoys cooking and catering for people and that became her second career. She uses her cooking know-how, her medical knowledge – and her matchmaking skills – to care for other people. I “upgraded” her M.D. from Medical Doctor to Matchmaking Doctor. Brogan is the romantic catalyst – she brings couples together and then through good advice and a warm heart she weaves her magic to make love happen. And throughout the series, Brogan’s own heart gets tangled up in romance, too! Medicine – it truly is a work of heart.

A bit about Don’t Drop the Baby ~

Dr. Brogan Corkie is happily semi-retired from medicine and now has time for other hobbies. Her passion for food is only second to her skill at matchmaking!

Ross Skye, owner of BabyCare, a high-end line of baby merchandise, is injured in an accident, and Brogan uses her cooking, medical – and matchmaking – skills to help him out. Dr. Lauren Kane is taking care of her nephew for two weeks, and Brogan agrees to babysit while Lauren is at work.

Two years ago, Ross and Lauren dated. At that time, Lauren wanted kids, but Ross wasn’t keen. Now the tables have turned, and Ross is trying to convince Lauren that they’d make an awesome parenting team. Brogan suggests they test drive parenthood by looking after a simulated baby for a week – a computerized version that eats, sleeps, wets, and cries. Ross and Lauren experience the “joy” of having a newborn firsthand, and the bar is set pretty low. Their first goal is: don’t drop the baby. The second goal is to find out if their love for each other will survive the test of…parenting.

Don’t Drop the Baby will be released on Feb. 4 for only 99cents – a bargooooon! Here’s the buy link:

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Don’t Drop the Baby fun!