Day 9 ~ Here’s the Scoop!

It’s day 9 of the 10-day Countdown!! It’s time to share the blurb. Here’s what Love and the Hockey Heist is all about.



Love and the Hockey Heist is the second book in the Laugh-out-Loud Hockey Caper Romance series. Dr. Piper Roblin invites her new neighbour over to join a book club meeting, so she can get to know her and welcome her to the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, later that evening, Piper notices that her treasured travel alarm clock is missing. She suspects her neighbour took it and she wants it back!

I had the idea for this story because a similar situation happened to me, except it was the person I hired to clean my home who had sticky fingers. I didn’t clue in until I was chatting with a group of friends who all used the same person to clean our homes. We all had something missing! This was months later when we realized the connection and since it was impossible to know for sure, we didn’t do anything about it. Although I never did get my clock back, I’m happy to say I found a reliable and wonderful person to replace them. Now, I clean my home myself, but at the time with an active household, it was a godsend to have help.

Piper has a bit more gumption and she’s not going to rest without, at least, trying to get her travel alarm clock back! She ropes a very sexy professional hockey player into helping her and sets the stage for a fun hockey caper. This is the second book of the series and all of the (stand-alone) stories will have an element of white-collar crime – like a cozy mystery without murder! June 12 is the big day. Woohoo!


Love and the Hockey Heist coverFollowing the clues and falling in love…

Dr. Piper Roblin is peeved. She’s pretty sure her new neighbour stole her travel alarm clock. It may not be worth much, but it has sentimental value. Piper hatches a plan to get it back, but her plan relies on Brent Dean, popular forward of the Brighton Edge hockey team, to finagle a dinner invitation to gain access to her neighbour’s house.

Brent thought the invite from the stunningly beautiful cardiologist was based on a thoughtful gesture to welcome new neighbours to Brighton. He didn’t realize the gig included subterfuge, thievery, and a fake engagement. But he didn’t get to where he is without a lot of hustle and determination, and since he’s always up for some fun, let the games begin.


Love and the Hidden Hockey Clues is up for pre-order. The big day is June 12! Can’t wait to share this story with you. Stayed tuned – tomorrow Dr. Piper Roblin will be dropping by.

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