Perfectly Honest Launch Party!

On February 7, 2015, a courageous (party happy, fun-loving) group braved a winter blizzard to launch Linda O’Connor’s debut novel, Perfectly Honest. Here is the exclusive post-party interview to see how it went. 

Congratulations on the launch of Perfectly Honest! Sounds like you had a great crowd there helping you celebrate. Absolutely, they’re the best. We filled Portsmouth Tavern and ignored the snow and blowing winds outside.


snowy bank machineHow snowy was it? This is what the bank machine looked like. It was snowy.






What do you think people find most surprising about your writing? The tennis scene.

ellen and pat reading Launch party reading linda b and friend Anne and John reading






I’ve never been to Kingston. What do people do for fun on a Saturday night?

[It’s a Kingston-style flash mob.]

Carylanne and myra readingliesa, linda and friend reading



So far the reviews for Perfectly Honest have been glowing. But there may come a time when you get less than 5 stars. How are you going to respond to that and who’s going to help you get through it?





There was a terrific gift basket up for grabs. Was that for the best dancer? Absolutely.

Liesa winning basket


The story is great, but don’t you think it’s a bit of a coincidence that Mikaela whips out a CPR keychain from her purse and has a pair of gloves to use when she helps deliver the baby in the hotel foyer?  Coincidence? I think not. Hey peeps, who here carries a CPR keychain?

Anne and John with CPR

Ellen and Pat CPRZumba girls cprgroup with CPR







girls with cpr















Who is the inspiration for the male characters in your stories?

men near PH poster




If book sales don’t take off, what’s the back-up plan for paying your kids’ tuition? The kids were honing their pool hustling skills. The pitcher will be for Vlad and me.


ian and susan with beer

kids playing pool



Did you need a Brinks truck to cart home all the cash? Kind of…Mark’s pockets.

mark looking



Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much to ALL OF YOU who came out and made this such a fun evening. Thank you to Chuck Norris and the staff at Portsmouth Tavern. Thank you to Vlad and Mark and my family who travelled through snow and freezing rain to share in the celebration with me. Thank you to Paul for all the great photographs and video. Thank you to Eric for playing classical guitar. Thank you to Kayse and all the amazing dancers! I have the BEST friends ever. Let’s do it again soon!


great crowd

great smilesLaunch party kids looking


  1. Ping from Karen:

    Congrats on the wonderful accomplishment!! I am looking forward to reading your book-maybe a treat for Valentine’s Day! The party was great-we would have loved to stay longer….
    PS Line dancing wasn’t as scary as I thought!

  2. Ping from Kevin and Katie:

    Looking at the photos really makes us wish we could have made it!! Glad to see it was a success. Loved the book and we will definitely make it down for the next launch! Congrats 🙂

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