7th Day: Maple Taffy and Ann Lacey

Karen card Christmas blue snowman♪♫♪ On the seventh day of Christmas I’m going share with you:

warm maple taffy,

pimp for your table,

fine first course food,

four frugal gifts,

cream soda punch,

something to do, 

and cran-nut squares that’re gluten-free. ♪♫♪


Here’s a Canadian tradition – actually I’m not sure it’s Canadian, but we have lots of maple syrup and even more snow, so viola – you can enjoy both! It’s the perfect finger food to serve outdoors after skating or tobogganing.

photo squirrels with maple taffyMaple Taffy on Snow

2 cups maple syrup

Pack crushed ice or clean snow into a large shallow dish.

Pour maple syrup into a deep, heavy-duty pot. Bring to boil over medium heat. Boil without stirring until syrup reaches exactly 240° F on a candy thermometer, about 30 minutes. Remove from heat and test by spooning a tablespoonful on the snow. It should harden to a taffy-like texture. (If it’s too hard, stir a bit of water into the syrup. If it’s too soft, boil the syrup another few minutes.) Use a small ladle or pitcher with a spout to pour the syrup in a long strip on the snow. Place the end of a popsicle stick on one end of the strip (perpendicular to it). The maple syrup will sink into the snow a bit and start to harden. After 30-45 seconds, invite your guest to roll the popsicle stick along the length of the taffy and enjoy!

Laugh every day. Love every minute. Linda


My guest author today is Ann Lacey – Welcome! 

A Second Chance for Murder by Ann Lacey

Ann Lacey A Second Chance For Murder  Book Cover

When a young woman is murdered during a party at the family estate and local authorities are unable to find the culprit, Lady Thora Mannington decides to take matters into her own hands and sets out to find the killer herself!

Fearing for his impulsive sister’s safety, her brother, Nyle turns to his friend Lord Garren Huntscliff for help. Though his investigating days are over, Garren cannot refuse his troubled friend. No sooner does he take on the case than two more deaths occur and he soon discovers that he is matching wits against a dangerous and clever killer. Complicating his effort is the lovely Lady Thora, who insists on joining forces with him yet refuses to adhere to his cautions, continually places herself at risk and is so disarmingly enchanting that he finds himself falling for her. Now Garren has two things on his mind, find a crafty and elusive killer and keep the reckless Lady Thora from becoming a victim herself!

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