10th Day: Traditions with Ryan Jo Summers

Karen card Christmas 25 love♪♫♪ On the tenth day of Christmas I’m going share with you:

gifts for your mother,

tart lemon mousse,

toe tapping music,

warm maple taffy,

pimp for your table,

fine first course food,

four frugal gifts,

cream soda punch,

something to do, 

and cran-nut squares that’re gluten-free. ♪♫♪

My Holiday Tradition – Gifts for my Mom

My Mom lives in a different city, but I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her every day so I started getting her advent gifts from December 1st until the 25th. I enjoy choosing the gifts as much as she enjoys opening them each morning. I pick a theme –I’ve done gardening, puzzles and games, crafts, travel, birds, baking, holidays (I bought little gifts throughout the year – New Year’s, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en and saved them for the December gifts). This year’s theme is pink – 25 gifts that are pink. I try to write a clue on the card and number the gifts. I also write down what I’ve given her so that I can talk to her about it – otherwise I’m afraid I’ll give away the surprise! It’s become a tradition that we both look forward to. What is your favourite holiday tradition?

Laugh every day. Love every minute. Linda


My guest author today is Ryan Jo Summers. Welcome!

When Clouds Gather by Ryan Jo Summers

Ryan Jo Summers When Clouds Gather  Book Cover

Darby Adams has a successful Bed & Breakfast Inn, a wonderful son and a happy life in the coastal town of Driftwood Shores. Then a guest is found dead in one of her rooms. Suddenly she is the number one suspect and her world is spiraling out of control.

The surviving family wants answers so they hire new-in-town private investigator Sam Golden to undeniably prove her guilt and have her put away. Sam begins his new case in a dual role, in the guise of being Darby’s much needed friend while looking for the evidence to send her to prison.

Until strange things begin happening at the B & B–scary things. Finally Sam has to question his thoughts on her guilt or innocence. Meanwhile, Darby leans on Sam to weather each new challenge and threat. Feelings begin to develop between Darby and Sam. Until Sam is forced to tell Darby the truth about him, effectively destroying what trust they had.

Until a new threat forces Darby to trust Sam once more. She will bet her freedom and life on his skills, but can she trust her heart?

Pick up your copy today from Amazon.

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop Button with Frame

As part of The 12 Days of Christmas celebration, Ryan donated a pair of hand-painted ceramic penguin holiday mugs, paired with a $5 Amazon card from Sophia Kimble to the prize list. Click HERE for this and many more random drawings. To follow the celebration, find a new recipe, pick up a holiday decorating or shopping tip, click HERE.

About the Author

Ryan Jo Summers is a North Carolina writer who pens contemporary romance blended with an unexpected twist. “Whispers in Her Heart’ combines mystery and horses with the mystical paranormal.

Her latest book out, “Shimmers of Stardust” combines Christian elements in a time travel love story. Next up will be “When Clouds Gather”, a romantic mystery.

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