Save Time & Money

Jan. 21, 2015 I’m invited to share ideas for saving time and money on Rebecca E. Neely’s blog !

picture of a clock and coins

I’m sharing ideas on Rebecca’s blog for saving time and money – perfect combo for writers! Or for anyone looking for free photos to use on the Internet. (And it’s American money so it’s an even bigger savings right now!)



Rebecca – Thank you very much for having me today! I love the idea of sharing time-saving writing tips.

Actually one of the things I love most about writing is being able to write at whatever pace I choose. As a kid, I always found it tough to come up with a story when the teacher asked because I had too many thoughts racing around in my head and needed time to mull it over. Luckily, now I have time to mull it over! So I don’t get too wound up about completing a certain number of words a day, but I do like to be efficient!

I’ve found it extremely helpful to keep a journal of important facts in the story – about the characters (hair/eye colour, car they drive, family members), names of secondary characters, restaurants/places in the story, a timeline. It’s especially useful for the stories in a series.

One thing that has surprised me the most about writing is how important it is to interact with the readers. Turns out they like to know as much about the author as they know about the characters in the book. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised because I always go to the ‘About Me’ section of authors’ websites before I read anything else!

When I post on the News, Muse, and Interviews section of my website, I love adding photos. This site,, has been a huge timesaver for finding images that I can use royalty- and cost-free.

I’m also active on twitter and I downloaded the free tweetdeck app available through twitter ( It allows me to schedule tweets. I can schedule them the night before instead of interrupting my writing during the day.

I really enjoy connecting with readers, but if I save a bit of time, I can spend it mulling over the story!

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