Letter to Ellen Degeneres

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Dear Ellen,

I had a brainwave and had to share it with you. I love your show – it makes me laugh and you’re a kind and extremely generous person. It is a pleasure to watch you.

I was thinking about your send-off line – Be kind to one another. It’s great, don’t get me wrong. It covers all aspects of life, is a basic human tenet – really it covers a lot of ground. But say one day, you wake up and think, hey I’ve been saying the same thing for 11 seasons, maybe it’s time to change it up. I have an idea for that – you could combine medical education public service with your send off! I know, I’m surprised you haven’t thought of it sooner, too!

I know you have a team of writers, but I have a few suggestions to get them started (I tried to keep them short because the crowd is usually cheering and I imagine Andy is giving you the wrap-up signal.). How about these:

Learn CPR. Save a life! 

Tuck your thumb in when you use an epipen!

Sunscreen really works!

Wear a wide brimmed hat on a sunny day!

Chewing tobacco causes oral cancer! (That one’s a bit of a downer. You might have to add Have a nice day!)

This is just a start, Ellen (or do you like it spelled ellen?). I have more if you need them. I’m very excited about this. I think you could really help doctors get the word out about this stuff!

Keep up the good work. I love laughing with you every day!