Facebook Party Winners!

Christina Kirby’s Facebook party for SAFE AT HOME last night was a ton of fun! That was a crowd with a great sense of humor! I hosted 2 giveaways.


red and white earringsGiveaway #2 included a free e-copy of PERFECTLY HONEST, a very Canadian lanyard and a pair of LOC Design earrings for guessing the meaning of bunnyhug, chesterfield, and Chinook. Some very interesting translations! 😀

A bunnyhug is a hoodie (is that a Canadian word too?) or a sweatshirt with a hood attached. A chesterfield is a sofa. A Chinook is a warm wind that blows in from the ocean to the interior regions, mostly affecting southern Alberta. A strong Chinook can make snow one foot deep almost vanish in one day (we’ll all be wishing for some Chinook!)

The winner is Brittany E. Wendtland.



zodiac charmsGiveaway #1 included a free e-copy of PERFECTLY HONEST and a horoscope charm for sharing the ‘parental unit’ (as my son would say) wise advice. Lots of wise parents out there!


The winner is Dee Stevens – Aquarius


Bonus Gifts

Since I have all those other charms, (didn’t really think that through) I will give bonus gifts of a free e-copy of PERFECTLY HONEST and charms to:

Jessie Kerr Hagan – Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

Lachelle Saieh – Scorpio

Stacie Marie Smith – Leo and Virgo

Emily Thompson – Capricorn

Cathy Poston – Aries

Renee Powell Bilyeu – heart charm

Wendy Sessions, Tara Hall – free e-copy of PERFECTLY HONEST (If you are Libra or Gemini let me know and I can send those charms too!)