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I’m so pleased to welcome Carly Jordynn, author of the Forest of the Mist series. She’s sent along Davy McGuire, hero from the third book of the series, Guardians, which will be released Dec 5!

Linda:  Joining us today is Davy McGuire from the Forest of the Mist Series written by Carly Jordynn. Thank you for agreeing to an interview, Davy. Rumor has it you’re in a lot of trouble these days. Would you care to explain?

Davy:  I think the question is when have I not been in trouble. When I was younger, before the alternate realms evened out my aging and growth, I kidnapped my soon to be Grandfather into the portal paths and took him to Paradise Valley.

Linda: Paradise Valley? Portal paths? What are you talking about?

Davy:  Paradise Valley is an alternate reality that some people can reach when they are in a coma. For me, I was conceived and born in the alternate realms so I can access it via the portal paths. You see, I have powers and one of those is the ability to create portals.

Linda: Did you get in trouble for anything else?

Davy:  I turned the hostess of the Dark Land into an old decrepit lady and banished her until she died.

Linda:  You have THAT much power?

Davy: I do in the alternate realms. It is manifested there and since I am technically a product of that land, I have all the powers that go along with that.

Linda:  Do you have any friends?

Davy:  Not many. You see one of the quirks of Paradise Valley is accelerated growth and maturity. I was seventeen when I should have been eleven. I was seven or eight when I should have been two.

Linda: That’s not what my sources tell me. I heard you have a special friend. A girl named Kelly O’Brien.

Davy: Kelly is my girlfriend and she will someday be the co-ruler of the alternate realms with me.

Linda: I heard her parents are not too keen on that idea.

Davy: Her parents, Connor and Lily, are not happy because I, along with the alternates, aged their six year old daughter to sixteen.

Linda: You what? Why?

Davy:  I knew Kelly was to be my co-ruler and I wanted her to be there sooner rather than later. Instead of waiting for her to grow up, I “encouraged” her to have rapid growth and maturity too.

Linda: You are in a lot of trouble.

Davy: Linda, you have no idea. If Connor and Lily find out mine and Kelly’s secret, I’ll be in even more trouble and before you ask, no I won’t tell you what it is.

Linda:  Is there anything else you can share with me?

Davy:  The conclusion of the Forest of the Mist series, Guardians, releases on December 5th, just in time for Christmas. If you haven’t read the first two books of the series, you may want to get them now so you’ll be caught up on my adventures.

Linda:  Thank you for the interview, Davy!


Here’s more about Forest of the Mist: Guardians ~

Davy Kyle is in a ton of trouble. That’s really nothing new for Davy as he has been in trouble his whole life. Davy was born in the alternate realm, Paradise Valley. As a result, he has some freakish powers such as rapid growth in body and intelligence, the ability to create portals to transport to the alternate realms, and the ability to know what others are thinking.

During his last adventure, Davy learned he would one day have a co-ruler in the realms and her name would be Kelly. Through a bit of impromptu eaves dropping, he learned that his friends from Paradise Valley, Connor and Lily O’Brien would name their young daughter, Kelly. Shocked at this coincidence, Davy sets out to determine how Kelly will arrive in Paradise since you have to be in a coma to enter the alternate worlds.

Kelly O’Brien was a spoiled six year old when family friend and confidant, Davy Kyle kidnapped her through a portal to an alternate reality. While there, Davy aged her to sixteen and explained that one day she would be his co-ruler there. While she understood and looked forward to that day, she asked Davy to return her to six and her parents. He did as she asked, but invoked his powers to start accelerated aging and maturity. The alternate realms recognized Kelly and helped with that aging process.

Now Kelly’s parents have enrolled her in high school in the hope she will meet somebody else, fall in love, and forget about Davy and Paradise Valley. What they don’t know is Kelly’s determination to be with Davy no matter the cost.

What Davy does to ensure Kelly’s arrival in Paradise, is sooner rather than later, will test the ties of his family and friends in reality and may cost him the love of his life.

Forest of the Mist: Guardians will be released December 5. Click HERE for the first book of the series, Forest of the Mist: Travelers 


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