Day 3 ~ Hopi Katsina!

It’s Day 3 of the 10-day Countdown to the release of Time for the Doctor! There’s a special pre-order price of 99cents ($1.30 Canadian). Only 3 more days! Today I pay homage to the Hopi tradition of honouring katsina.



Time for the Doctor is set in Copper Mills, Arizona, which was once home to a Hopi tribe. Up until I wrote this story, all of my romantic comedies have been set in small Ontario towns. So this was new for me! I wanted to pay homage to the Hopi culture and tradition in my story. The reason Melissa accepts the job in Copper Mills is because she was told that her adopted son had Hopi heritage, and she wanted to learn more about it with him. When Melissa arrives in Copper Mills, Tash brings her a gift of a Hopi katsina. Tash enjoys carpentry and wood–carving as a past time and has carved katsina figures and given them as special gifts.

Hopi children learn the names and purposes of different katsina through wooden “dolls” or works of art. There are over three hundred different katsina, which are benevolent supernatural entities. They represent the spirits of all things in the universe, including animals, plants, rocks, stars, plants, and ancestors who have lived good lives. They inspire and teach good behaviour and infuse Hopi spirit with meaning, balance, and connectedness with the past. Traditionally, there were several katsina ceremonies throughout the year when the katsina were celebrated and the figures were gifted to children.

I thought this was a beautiful and meaningful Hopi tradition and wanted to incorporate it into my story. Can you guess what type of katsina Tash makes for Melissa? Only 3 more days to find out!


Visit Copper Mills, Arizona – a small town with a heart as big as the wide-open spaces and a history of making dreams come true.

Dr. Tash Bannon, the only internist at Copper Mills General Hospital, is a workaholic. After a couple of patient complaints, the board of directors realizes Tash needs a break and “suggests” he take a three-month vacation.

Dr. Melissa Sinclair is a single mom, and her adopted son comes first in her life. She’s used to the hustle of a big city hospital but takes the job to cover for Tash hoping to expose her son to his Hopi ancestry during their time in Copper Mills.

Tash resents having to take time off – and has an even harder time staying away now that Melissa is around. Now he just has to decide which is more important: his job or Melissa?

Make time for the doctor…especially if she’s the love of your life.


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