Keep busy!

I’m a family doctor, so it’s hectic at work, but there’s a whole new routine at home. My advice? Keep busy! Here’s how:

Establish a new routine and embrace the change. Exercise for an hour every day. Gardening, stretching, dancing – or follow along an online video.

Do something creative every day. Draw, colour, or try a new recipe. Ree Drummond is my personal fav. My sons like Matty Matheson.

Laugh every day. Check out the funny hashtags onTwitter. Watch Jimmy Fallon’s at-home edition. It’s sure to make you laugh.

Each day check the latest guidelines from your local public health unit and then turn off the news.

Stay in touch by text, telephone (for the Boomers :D) and video conferencing.

Acknowledge that adjusting to this new normal is challenging, but don’t stop there. Find the positive in your life and embrace the change as a chance to grow. Be a good role model to others in your world – maybe you’ll learn something about yourself! (Like how resilient you can be. :D)

In Perfectly Honest, Mikaela fears change, and – as it always does – change happens whether she wants it or not. A little white lie spirals out of control, but as it turns out, falling for the person you’re pretending to love can still turn out…perfectly!