Margo and the colour of cars

In Perfectly Reasonable, Margo MacMillan is a painter-turned-doctor-turned painter. She’s trying to sort out whether a medical career is right for her and, in the meantime, painting houses pays the bills. When I wrote her character I decided to let colour play a big role in her life – in her job, her hobbies, and in choosing the colour of the car she drives! It became her unique quirk. It influences the colour of paint on Trace’s walls, shows up in the romantic hot-air balloon ride, and was the basis for Margo’s tongue-in-cheek critique of drivers – judging them by the colour of their car. I had the idea for that when I ended up behind a green van poking along when I was in a hurry to get someplace. I remember tapping the steering wheel impatiently thinking drivers of green vans should have their own unique lanes. Haha

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