Day 7 of the 10-day Countdown!

It’s day 7 of the 10-day Countdown!! Meet Chef Blaine McKinnon ~ the very sexy executive chef of Fire and Ice restaurant in Mapleton. 

Don’t Forget the Dog is Book 2 of the Dr. Brogan Corkie Matchmaking Doctor series ~ second-chance sweet romances! May 4 is the big day. Woohoo!


Hey, how’s it going? Chef Blaine McKinnon here. A lot of you may recognize me from the Executive Chef Canada show – a lot has happened since I walked off the set as the winner. My restaurant, Fire and Ice, in downtown Mapleton had already been up and running, but the national coverage that came with the win has taken the success of the restaurant to the next level. It’s busy. That’s an understatement, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. We keep our menu fairly tight, but I also experiment with new dishes which customers love. One of my favourite traditions is getting out to greet the diners and get feedback on everything from the food, to the service, to the ambiance at the restaurant – and everything in between. I appreciate the loyal patrons who come again and again – even the ones prying into my love life. Gotta love a small town!

Just to let you know – Tacos is still thriving. I get a lot of people asking about him on social media after he was spotlighted on the show. He’s still a furry ball of love and slobbery kisses. haha. And loved by everyone in the neighbourhood.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to work – if you’re in Mapleton, drop by Fire and Ice. See for yourself if it lives up to its 5-star reputation.


A bit about Don’t Forget the Dog

Blaine McKinnon, owner and executive chef of an upscale restaurant in Mapleton, has an adorable Old English sheepdog named Tacos. Brogan is roped into dog-sitting Tacos at Blaine’s house. The upside is the spectacular kitchen at her disposal.

Dr. Sabrina Langfield, a newly minted doctor, is in a bind when her mom, Rue, falls and fractures her wrist. Brogan offers to help and does double-duty looking after Tacos and Rue.

Blaine and Sabrina were high school sweethearts but parted ways when Blaine pushed Sabrina to pursue a career. Sabrina hasn’t seen him since, but Rue is a huge fan and frequents his restaurant. Rue’s biggest regret is her part in Sabrina and Blaine’s break-up, and with Brogan’s help, she’s determined to get them back together. It might not be that easy – Sabrina is wary of Tacos and, more pressing, she’s decided to move a four-hour flight away to do five more years of training in emergency medicine.

Will meddlesome matchmaking, Blaine’s persuasiveness, and – don’t forget the dog – Tacos’ sweet nature be enough to convince Sabrina to stay?

Don’t Forget the Dog is up for pre-order. Only 99c on for the e-book! Release day for the e-book is May 4!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Don’t Forget the Dog fun!