Day 3 of the 10-day Countdown!

It’s day 3 of the 10-day Countdown!! In Don’t Unravel the Past, Hampton Shorley asks Dr. Brogan Corkie about direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Her advice is “buyer beware.” She’s here to tell you why.

Don’t Unravel the Past is Book 3 of the Dr. Brogan Corkie Matchmaking Doctor series, sweet medical romantic comedies! August 4 is the big day. Woohoo!



Dr. Brogan Corkie’s beau, Hampton Shorley, is burning with curiosity about his ancestry. He was adopted as a baby and never really knew his parents. He’s done a bit of research and has decided to send away for a genetic testing kit. Here’s what he (and you) need to know about direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits.

Unlike clinical genetic testing, direct-to-consumer testing can be purchased online without a physician’s referral.

  1. Most kits test for a limited set of variants associated with a potential risk for conditions. Unfortunately, most of the conditions are rare and not all can be prevented or treated at this time. Are you sure you really want to know about them?
  2. The labs aren’t necessarily accredited and the results may not be interpreted in a standardized way so the validity and clinical usefulness is questionable.
  3. The testing is often not clinically indicated, which means people don’t have specific symptoms of the disease. So even if the test is positive, it doesn’t mean you have the disease. The positive predictive value of the test can be modified by things like whether the mutation is incompletely penetrant (has an effect), gender (some diseases are linked to the sex chromosomes and don’t fully manifest themselves), or are multifactorial (like Alzheimer’s).
  4. You get the results but you don’t get the genetic counseling that goes with it. And if you take the results to a doctor it is hard to interpret because of all the variables (see point 3).
  5. Two recent studies with over 1,000 participants showed that even if people are told they have a higher risk of developing something like cancer, they didn’t change their lifestyle habits with respect to diet and exercise.
  6. This is a biggie: Some companies sell your genetic data to third parties like biobanks or pharmaceutical companies. Have you heard about people finding out they have multiple siblings or having their results used to track down criminals? You click on a button giving consent – be sure you understand what you’re consenting to. The Officer of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has created a document which helps to explain the risks:


Do you think Hampton followed her advice? 😀


Don’t Unravel the Past

Dr. Brogan Corkie is happily semi-retired from medicine and now has time for other hobbies. Her passion for food is second only to her skill at matchmaking!

Years ago, Dr. Jay Landon kissed a sexy stranger with violet eyes. He was instantly enamoured – until he saw the engagement ring on her finger and the angry-looking dude by her side. She walked away with a piece of his heart.

Dr. Brenna Locket is in Mapleton for a conference and plans to stay for a six-month sabbatical to write a book. Her colourful past has prepared her well for a job she loves as an obstetrician-gynecologist with a special focus on sexual health. If her vivacious personality, natural empathy, and expert knowledge didn’t set her apart, her violet eyes and curly black hair certainly would.


Brogan doesn’t know their history, but the spark between Jay and Brenna is undeniable. She’s intrigued…and a matchmaking scheme is hatched. Now, if only Brenna could leave her past behind. Because unravelling the past might just derail the future.


Don’t Unravel the Past is up for pre-order. Only 99c on for the e-book! Release day is August 4!

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