They can be Perfectly Together! #MFRWHooks

Welcome to the #MFRWHooks blog hop! Perfectly Together is in the spotlight today. It’s the sixth sassy, sexy medical romance in the Perfectly Series. All of the Perfectly romantic comedies are stand-alone stories, and Perfectly Together brings together all your favourite characters from the previous stories while you fall in love with the new couple.  Dr. Jayden Locke grew up an army brat and is more than ready to put down roots. Dr. Cole Cameron is an adventure seeking emergency physician with no plans to slow down or settle. Their hearts entwine – how’s that going to work?


Newly graduated naturopathic doctor Jayden Locke has a dream – start a practice in small-town Emerson and (settle in) never move again. She’s found the perfect office building to buy. It passes an inspection, design plans are drawn up, and the bank okays the loan. Only one problem.

Dr. Cole Cameron scoops it before she has a chance to submit an offer. What?

It’s a good investment. Cole isn’t interested in settling down. He works three jobs in three different towns and would just as soon keep moving. But something about Jayden’s defiant eyes and sexy smile makes him pause and reconsider.

What are the chances that a heart filled with wanderlust and a soul longing for a home fit Perfectly Together?


Enjoy an excerpt from Perfectly Together ~

A woman with an apron greeted them as they walked closer. “Hi. Any of you keen to help judge the butter tart contest? Tickets are three for five dollars.”

Cole pulled out his wallet. “Most definitely will.” He turned to Jayden. “Those raisin-lovin’ fanatics think they can beat out the plain team. Not gonna happen.” He raised an eyebrow at her. “Please don’t tell me you’re on the raisin team.”

“Sorry. I absolutely am. No raisins? Why would that even be allowed?”

Cole groaned and put his hand on his heart dramatically. “What? How could I have partnered with a raisin person? It should’ve been in the contract.”

Jayden laughed and handed five dollars to the woman. “Let the judging begin.”

Someone shouted a greeting to Cole, and he walked over to say hello. Jayden watched as the two men embraced in a bear hug and patted each other on the back.

“I don’t think I’ve met you,” said an older woman holding a tray of butter tarts.

“I’m Jayden Locke.”

“Oh. You’re the new family doctor in Emerson. On Market Street.”

“That’s right.”

“I’m Bea Alexander. Welcome to Strathaven. I work with Edna Mitchell to recruit new doctors, and we were tickled pink when we heard about you. Can’t tell you how much we needed another family doctor. Be better if you were closer to Strathaven, but Emerson’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away.”

Busy as a bee, Bea. “Thank you very much. I’m very happy to be here.”

She peered over her tortoise-shell frames. “Raisins or plain?”

“Raisins. Actually raisins and nuts.”

“Ooh. Double whammy.” Bea whipped the tray out of Jayden’s reach. “Well, never mind. You’re probably very nice. But I gotta save these for the voting crowd. We’re reigning champions. Can’t let Edna win.” She started to walk away. “Raisins and nuts.” She shook her head. “Kids these days.”

Jayden laughed. She watched as Bea walked over to Cole and his friend and offered them each a butter tart. Cole bent down to give Bea a hug and with a huge grin, scooped up a butter tart and popped it in his mouth in one bite. He kissed his fingers, exploded them, and waved a ticket in the air. Bea beamed and pointed to the judging box. Another vote on the way.

The group mingled around her, laughing with folks they met, trying butter tarts, and wiping gooey filling from their chins. A light breeze lifted the leaves on the trees around the park, making them rustle in quiet contentment. Carved pumpkins with happy faces, spooky eyes, and intricate designs lined the path. Other jack-o-lanterns with candles flickering inside were scattered in groups of two or three throughout the park. White fairy lights twinkled in the trees, making the stars look low in the sky.

Two children raced close to Jayden, and she took a quick step back with a smile.

“I hear you’re a nut.”

Jayden started and looked down at the woman behind the voice. Gray curls framed a round face and a wide grin that was hard to resist.

“Edna Mitchell. Pleased to meet you. Bea told me you’re in the nut camp.”

Jayden smiled. “Hi. I am. Nuts and raisins, if truth be told.”

“I hear ya. Nothin’ better.” She held out a tray. “These have raisins. We don’t do nuts in case someone has an allergy. Doctor Quinn nixed that a while ago. Wanna try one?”

“I would love to.” She picked one up and bit into it. A groan escaped her. She swallowed. “This is delicious. Holy cow. How did this not win last year?”

Edna chuckled and gave her a side hug. “I really like you. Don’t forget to vote. Oh, there’s Albert.” She leaned closer. “He swings either way. I better catch him before Bea gets her tart in him.” She gave a nod. “Lovely meeting you. Ta ta.” She started to walk away. “If you run into anyone who’s a raisin lover, send ’em my way,” she called over her shoulder.

Jayden finished the butter tart and watched Edna saddle up to Albert and offer him a taste.

“She should save her energy. There’s just no way raisins could ever beat out plain,” Cole said in her ear.

Jayden’s heart flipped as she turned toward his voice. “Really.” She gave him a pointed stare.

“Absolutely. Whoever thought that was a good idea tampered with perfection. Epic fail.”

Jayden gave a burst of laughter. “I don’t think so. Raisins, nuts, chocolate,” – she waved her hand – “only improve perfection.”

Cole gave a pained look. “Oh, another one lost to the dark side. What next? Hot chocolate without marshmallows. Thin Oreos. Whole wheat pancakes.”

“Yes, yes, and yes. It’s called healthy eating. Diabetes-preventing, cholesterol-lowering, artery-saving goodness.”

A young girl approached with a box of caramel-coated apples, and Cole pulled out his wallet. He bought two, and when the girl walked away, he handed one to Jayden. “Living to one hundred is overrated. Live a little.”

Jayden shook her head with a rueful grin and took the apple.

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    Love how they are opposites attract even when it comes to food! 🙂