Theme Party fun!

I have a pretty amazing group of friends – all moms who have kids around the same age as mine. When the kids were younger, we would take turns hosting a fun themed party to celebrate summer. The parties were outdoors and we were always lucky with the weather. Everyone would dress up (including some reluctant dads), play (sometimes pretty inventive) games, and share a delicious meal.

For our Western party, the story revolved around a villain who had stolen a bag of gold and was leaving a trail of coins behind. I painted a large piece of cardboard with a villain in handcuffs and then covered the cardboard in plastic and painted the same picture with the villain holding the loot he stole. The final task for the dozen kids when they found the villain was to squirt water at the villain and wash the paint off revealing him in handcuffs. After dinner, we ended the evening with a square dance – the kids loved it!

We had an Under the Sea theme with a giant submarine and 3-D marine animals that the kids helped us paint the day before. We knighted the kids at the Medieval party, had an erupting volcano, dancing raisins, and other fun science experiments at the Science party, and visited all the planets at an Out of this World party. So many happy memories!

Our children are all grown now, but last weekend for a milestone birthday, my friend hosted a Mamma Mia party! What a hoot! We were divided into teams and played mini-golf in their yard (complete with rose bush obstacles and weed traps), ladder toss, and axe throwing (a plastic version). We named-that-tune, played Taboo with Greece-inspired words, and after a sumptuous meal, ended the evening with an ABBA karaoke competition and dancing. It brought back memories of our summer parties with the kids, and the Mamma Mia theme was perfect! It felt like we were away on a vacation in Greece.

I love family parties and having a theme with an excuse to dress up and play games makes me feel like a kid again. Have you been to a theme party that you loved? Leave a comment!

I’m excited to share Don’t Forget the Dog. This is the 2nd book in the Dr. Brogan Corkie Matchmaking Doctor series. All of the books in the series are stand-alone humorous contemporary romances. Matchmaking at its funniest!

Dr. Brogan Corkie is happily semi-retired from medicine and now has time for other hobbies. Her passion for food is second only to her skill at matchmaking!

Blaine McKinnon, owner and executive chef of an upscale restaurant in Mapleton, has an adorable Old English sheepdog named Tacos. Brogan is roped into dog-sitting Tacos at Blaine’s house. The upside is the spectacular kitchen at her disposal.

Dr. Sabrina Langfield, a newly minted doctor, is in a bind when her mom, Rue, falls and fractures her wrist. Brogan offers to help and does double-duty looking after Tacos and Rue.

Blaine and Sabrina were high school sweethearts but parted ways when Blaine pushed Sabrina to pursue a career. Sabrina hasn’t seen him since, but Rue is a huge fan and frequents his restaurant. Rue’s biggest regret is her part in Sabrina and Blaine’s break-up, and with Brogan’s help, she’s determined to get them back together. It might not be that easy – Sabrina is wary of Tacos and, more pressing, she’s decided to move a four-hour flight away to do five more years of training in emergency medicine.

Will meddlesome matchmaking, Blaine’s persuasiveness, and – don’t forget the dog – Tacos’ sweet nature be enough to convince Sabrina to stay?


Enjoy an excerpt~

Blaine leaned against the wall. “I take it you’re still a plant-based, vegan, health food nut.”

Sabrina raised her chin. “There’s nothing wrong with choosing foods wisely to optimize health, despite what my mother thinks – or you, for that matter.”

He stepped closer and brushed at the snow melting on her neat ponytail. He could smell the perfume she wore. It took him back eleven years, and he almost lost his train of thought. “Eating for pleasure is just as important.”

Sabrina stiffened at his touch. Her back was ramrod straight. “Proper nutrition gives you the energy to enjoy what gives you pleasure.”

Her message and her body language read prim and proper, but her husky voice was pure sex. His body responded, and he leaned closer. “What gives you pleasure these days?”

She stopped him with a pointed finger jabbed into his chest and raised her chin. “Shouldn’t the question be who is giving me pleasure?”

Blaine jerked back, her words stopping him more effectively than a slap. He’d been fairly confident she hadn’t been dating anyone. He had a front seat window to the ticker tape of her life through Sabrina’s mom, who was a regular at Fire and Ice. There hadn’t even been a whisper of Sabrina dating, and even though two people couldn’t be any more different, Sabrina and her mom were still tight. There was no way Mrs. L wouldn’t know. He glanced at Sabrina’s left hand. No ring. She was baiting him, but he couldn’t deny the relief that coursed through him. He narrowed his eyes at her sublime expression and had to ask. “Who is giving you pleasure?”

Sabrina smiled slowly, her emerald eyes silently mocking him. “I would say that’s none of your business.”

She buttoned her coat. “I’ll pick my mom up after work at six.” She opened the door. “See ya.” She pulled the door shut behind her.

Blaine stood in the foyer and, with a shake of his head, smiled reluctantly. Round one to Sabrina. She was still sassy, sexy, and smart – exactly why he loved her. Game on.


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