7/7 Game with Perfectly Unpredictable!

I was tagged by awesome author (and fellow Ontarian :D) Angela Scavone to play the 7/7 game. That’s where you post the first 7 lines of page 7 of your current manuscript. I‘m working on Book 4 of the Perfectly Series – Perfectly Unpredictable (Surprise!!). Here’s a sneak peek:

She loved it all – the languages, the challenge, the people, the camaraderie, the cutting-edge research. Who knew science could be this much fun? She caught glimpses of Alexandre Sinclair throughout the conference. Always elegant. Always stunning. Always surrounded by admirers.
She had spoken to him very briefly just before his keynote address. She was at the podium making changes to the microphone when he came in to set up for his lecture. She managed to muster a hello when he nodded in greeting. That was enough. She, with knowledge of six languages, could only spit out “hello” before her mind went blank.

Hopefully you’ll be able to read more in July 2016!! Thanks for asking me to play along Angela!