Day 9 ~ Beyond the Face-Off Countdown!

It’s day 9 of the 10-day Countdown!! Meet Kelly Danali. Beyond the Face-Off is Book 3 of the In the Game Hockey Romance series. (Book 3 already!) August 24 is the big day, and Beyond the Face-Off is up for preorder! It’s a bargain at 99cents. Woohoo!


Hi Everyone – Kelly Danali here! I’m so pleased to meet you. If you haven’t dropped by my pharmacy, you should come and say hello! You can’t miss the bright pink and purple scroll of Danali’s Drugs in downtown Clarington. It feels like just yesterday that Sarah, Danni, and Jordyn help me set it up, but it’s been two years already. Two years! I returned home to Clarington six years ago after finishing my pharmacy degree and spent four years working in pharmacies around town while I hunted for the perfect place of my own. My patience paid off! It used to be a drab storefront shop until a creative painter named Margo MacMillan took eight gallons of pink paint, six of purple, and four of green, and turned it into a whimsical, busy hive that’s hard to ignore. The display cases are over-the-top, fantasy furniture pieces, and everyone, absolutely everyone, is welcome inside.

And hey, if you haven’t heard, the local theatre is putting on a play about the life of DeeDee Higgins. And get this – I’m playing the younger version of DeeDee and my mom is DeeDee in her later years! How cool is that? We’ve just started rehearsals, but save the date at the end of the month. It’s going to be a great show, and I’ll save you front row seats! 😀


Beyond the Face-Off

Kelly Danali has a big personality. She runs a pharmacy by day and lights up the local theatre scene by night. There’s nothing she craves more than a spot in the limelight. Jake Ross is a homegrown hockey star. He’s been traded back to the Clarington Quakes and spends most of his time avoiding the press and hockey-crazed fans.


Kelly wants to curb an alarming trend of drug abuse in local teens, and Jake, with his athleticism and sex appeal, would be the perfect spokesperson. Except there’s one problem – there’s nothing Jake craves more than privacy and solitude.


Jake finds Kelly irresistible and skates around the possibility of falling in love, but is she more attracted to hockey, fame, or him?

There’s more to love…Beyond the Face-Off.

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Come back tomorrow to meet Jake Ross!