Day 1 of the 10-day Countdown!

It’s the last day of the 10-day Countdown!! Enjoy a sneak peek at Chapter 1!  

Don’t Unravel the Past is Book 3 of the Dr. Brogan Corkie Matchmaking Doctor series ~ matchmaking at its funniest! August 4 is the big day. Woohoo!!




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Enjoy a sneak peek at Chapter 1! 


Brenna Locket sat at the island in Brogan Corkie’s kitchen watching Brogan slice carrots into perfectly shaped diamonds for a slow cooker stew she was preparing.

A late spring storm had blown through Mapleton, Ontario during the night leaving the air muggy and warm – and Brenna’s normally springy curls wilder than usual. She’d spent ten minutes in front of the bathroom mirror trying to tame them, then gave up and pulled her hair back with a wide clip. Out of sight, out of mind.

Brenna took a sip of coffee and enjoyed the sensation of caffeine stirring her awake. “Thanks again for letting me crash here for a few days, Brogan.”

Brogan looked up with an easy smile. Unlike Brenna, who wouldn’t be wide awake for another hour, Brogan had been up early and had not only filled the kitchen with the sweet scent of blueberry lemon muffins, but had also prepared most of the ingredients for the stew.

Dr. Brogan Corkie been rocking white hair since her early forties when it had, seemingly overnight, changed. With the help of a clever hairstylist and a lot of trial and error, she’d settled on a layered shoulder-length cut, which suited her heart-shaped face and set off her turquoise eyes. Behind her dark-rimmed glasses frames, she pulled off effortless chic.

“My pleasure. Mae would’ve loved to host you, but I’ve got the extra bedroom, and I’m always happy to have a new test subject.”

Brenna laughed. “Your daughter is a sweetheart. She’s so good about keeping in touch. Even if it’s just a phone call now and again, she’s one of those friends I can talk to twice a year and feel as close as we were back in first year university.” She broke off a piece of muffin and popped it in her mouth. “Mae said that you’re thoroughly enjoying retirement and that you’ve embraced a second career as a chef.”

“‘Chef’ may be stretching it a bit, but I’m a very contented cook, for sure.” Brogan tossed the carrots into the slow cooker and started to peel an onion.

“You don’t miss medicine?” Brenna tilted her head. “I can’t imagine giving that up.”

“After forty years of practising, it’s a bit easier to let go,” Brogan said with a laugh. “I still do the odd locum at the clinic when they’re pressed for doctors, so I can’t say I’ve turned my back on it completely, but the more fun I have in the kitchen, the less I miss the patients. Plus, I’ve cooked for some very interesting and charming people.”

And thrown in a little successful matchmaking to spice things up, she thought with a smile. So far, she’d gone two for two.

She’d stumbled upon her first paying customer doing a favour for her best friend, Jess Devin. Jess’s nephew, Ross Skye, had needed a hand with meals and a bit of doctoring after a major injury, and Brogan had stepped in to help. Ross was now happily married to one of Brogan’s much younger, smart-as-a-whip, physician colleagues, Dr. Lauren Kane, who was breezing through the first trimester of a pregnancy. Pigs did fly, after all.

Her second foray into foodie-based matchmaking stemmed from her agreeing to babysit an Old English sheepdog. Tacos was as loveable as his owner, talented Chef Blaine McKinnon. He and another one of her younger, smart-as-a-whip physician colleagues, Dr. Sabrina Langfield, were now happily engaged and, along with Tacos, were off to Vancouver to pursue loftier goals. Sabrina’s mom, Rue, already had a plane ticket to fly out for a visit.

Brogan eyed Brenna, another much younger, smart-as-a-whip physician colleague. Brenna should be worried.

Brenna wiggled her eyebrows. “I might have heard rumours that you were cooking for the very debonair Hampton Shorley.”

“Now who would spread rumours like that?”

Retirement had brought some exciting changes, and Hampton Shorley was one of them. Hampton was Ross’s surrogate dad, and when Hampton had returned from a vacation and taken over looking after Ross, Brogan thought that would be the end of her involvement. But Hampton had made excuses to have her around, and when she finally clued in that he enjoyed her company for more than her cooking, she’d been flattered and just a bit flustered. Their romance had blossomed and Hampton had recently proposed to her. She hadn’t told anyone about it, not her children, Mae and Finn, nor her best friend, Jess, because she’d declined. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but she hadn’t been and still wasn’t ready to take the next step and make that commitment to Hampton, despite the fact that he was a fun, warm, kind, and loving man. He also wasn’t deterred; he was waiting patiently in the hope that she’d change her mind. His kisses are persuasive. That’s all she would say about that.

“Well, it wasn’t on the front page of the newspaper, but there is a bit of buzz about it around Mapleton. You know how I keep tabs on that sort of thing,” Brenna said, tongue-in-cheek.

“Even on your holiday?”

Brenna grinned. “Yup. Technically, it’s a six-month sabbatical. I’m supposed to be working while I’m in Mapleton.”

“You know, you’re welcome to stay here for the whole six months. I’ve lots of room.”

“I appreciate that, Brogan, I really do, but I’m looking forward to the peace and solitude at the cabin I’ve rented. I actually do have to get some work done. I’m hoping to get the first draft, if not more, of my book written.”

“You’ve picked a beautiful spot. It’s close by but also isolated enough that you’ll have the privacy you need.” Brogan added the sliced onion to the slow cooker and diced three cloves of garlic.

Brenna nodded. “I thought so, too. I haven’t been back to Mapleton since that Christmas I came home with Mae, but I thought it was the perfect spot. I love it here. Plus, it worked out when they invited me to come as a guest speaker for the Updates in Medicine Conference. The only snag was that the cabin isn’t available until the first of June, so I appreciate you hosting me until then.” She grinned. “And agreeing to fill my fridge and freezer.”

“My pleasure.” Brogan put a boneless blade roast in the slow cooker, put the lid on, and turned the dial to low. “When is your talk?”

“Saturday afternoon. Are you going to any of the lectures?”

“I hadn’t planned on it, but one of tonight’s speakers, Dr. Jay Landon, asked me to cater a dinner he’s hosting on Friday for the staff and faculty in the department of orthopedics. They’re celebrating their graduating residents. I offered to make a few samples, so he could choose what he wanted to serve, and he said to meet him at the Centre for the Performing Arts before his talk. He said he’d leave a pass for me at the door.”

“Oh, nice. Jay Landon – that name sounds familiar.”

“All the speakers are top in their field. He’s covering what’s new in sports medicine.”

“Sounds interesting. It’d have a wide appeal, too.”

“You should come with me.” Brogan wiped her hands on a tea towel. “You’ve always been athletic.”

Brenna sighed. “I’d love to, and this is going to sound a bit egotistical, but lately it’s been hard to go out anywhere. My fans are rabid.”

Brogan laughed. “Sex sells.” She wiped the counter.

“Sure does. Who’d have thought the studious quiet girl in high school would’ve ended up as an obstetrician gynecologist known for her expertise in sexual health?” She shook her head. “My life has taken twists and turns that I never would have predicted.”

“I listen to your radio show and watch you whenever you’re on television. You’re so good. You have this wonderful mix of being funny, sincere, real, and smart. It’s easy to see why you have a massive loyal following.”

Brenna’s eyes welled up with tears. “Thanks, Brogan.” She gave a watery smile. “I wish we could pick our parents because I would pick you.”

Brogan smiled and went around the counter to hug Brenna. “I already think of you as my daughter. I’m so proud of you.”

Brenna leaned in quietly. When she spoke her voice was husky. “I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me.”

Brogan tsked. “Well, they should have. Loudly and often. You’re doing amazing work, and many women, and men, have benefitted from your expertise. You care enough to speak up and show that it’s okay to tackle these topics.” She brushed Brenna’s curls. “You don’t need to hide your light under a bushel.”

Brenna wiped tears from her cheeks and tried to smile. “I’ve always hoped that what I do is worthwhile, but it’s nice to have it validated by someone whose opinion I value.” She squared her shoulders. “Maybe I will come with you tonight. I wanted to check out the venue, and I’d enjoy that talk.” She winced. “I have a wig and glasses that I sometimes wear when I really don’t want to be hassled. Are you okay going with my alter ego, Amber Sparkle?”

Brogan’s eyes lit up. “Absolutely. I love the intrigue. We should leave at about six thirty.”

“Perfect. Plenty of time to go for a run and get my hair under control, so I can stuff it under a wig. And if you need any taste-testing done today, just ask.”

Brogan grinned. “See what I mean? A perfect daughter.”