Day 5 of the 10-day Countdown with a #MFRWHooks


It’s day 5 of the 10-day Countdown!! Here’s an #excerpt from Don’t Mess with Christmas, Book 4 of the Dr. Brogan Corkie Matchmaking Doctor series ~ a fun, medical romantic comedy! #MRFWHooks It’ll be released on November 2nd. Woohoo!



Dr. Brogan Corkie is happily semi-retired from medicine and now has time for other hobbies. Her passion for food is second only to her skill at matchmaking!

Parker Roy grew up in the middle of four brothers and has lived with enough testosterone to last her a lifetime. She’s finally moved out and made a life of her own. Between putting the finishing touches on the set for Mapleton’s Christmas play, plowing snow, and transforming her hydroponic greenhouse into a Christmas wonderland, it’s ramping up to be a hectic season.

Dr. Julian Murphy, the only allergist in town, has his eye on the woman behind the set design of the holiday play. He’s volunteering backstage in the hope of getting to know her. There’s a bit of a snag when she’s referred to his clinic for a rash – doctors aren’t allowed to date their patients – but Dr. Brogan Corkie doesn’t see it as an insurmountable problem and steps in to give their romance a nudge. She’d better be right because, if not, it could seriously mess with Christmas.

The allergist or the rash– which itch does Parker want to scratch?


Enjoy an excerpt ~

The server interrupted them with the main course. Steam rose from Julian’s fish with a tempting lemon peppery scent. It was served with a rice pilaf and colourful roasted vegetables.

Parker’s Rocky Mountain oysters had been battered and deep-fried. She frowned. Why would you ruin the delicate flavour of an oyster by deep-frying it? She’d only ever slurped it out of the shell, but she’d have to trust that the executive chef at an upscale restaurant like Fire and Ice knew what they were doing.

“Bon appétit.” Parker picked up her knife and fork and cut into one of the morsels. It was tougher than she expected, and the taste reminded her of cauliflower. “Interesting. I’ve had oysters before, but this is quite different.”

Julian swallowed a mouthful, his eyes twinkling. “You do know there are no oysters in the landlocked Rocky Mountains?”

“What? The Pacific Ocean is right there.”

“Not quite. I may be wrong, but I believe Rocky Mountain oysters are bull testicles.”

“That’s ridiculous. Who would eat bull testicles? Who would offer bull testicles on their menu?”

Julian cocked an eyebrow. “You. Fire and Ice.”

“Are you serious?” Parker wiped her mouth with the napkin and stared at her plate. “Oh my god. That’s disgusting.”

Julian laughed. “I thought it was an interesting first date strategy, letting me know that you’re tough enough to chop balls off and eat them.”


Don’t Mess with Christmas is available for pre-order. A bargooooon for $1.35! Release day for the e-book is November 2!


Stay tuned tomorrow for more Don’t Mess with Christmas fun!


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