Scoring with Hockey Romances!

Love hockey romance? Medical hockey romance? Then I’d highly recommend the In the Game Hockey Romance Series! Four friends find love at the rink in these stand-alone, fast-paced, sexy, humorous stories. Head to the rink where it’s hot!

Only 99c each and part of Kindle Unlimited.



Between the Pipes

She reluctantly replaces the team #doctor as a favor. When she has to pull the starting goalie, sparks fly on and off the ice!





Behind the Bench

As the doctor for the professional hockey team, she’s earned the players’ respect. So what’s with the new coach’s attitude?





Beyond the Face-Off

She’s a pharmacist by day and loves being in the limelight on stage at night. He’s the local hockey hero, and off the ice, prefers his privacy and solitude. When she tries to recruit him for her latest cause, he skates around the possibility of falling in love. Is she more attracted to hockey, fame, or him?




Before the Whistle

Her “spirited” aunt is back to give her love-life advice. Perfect timing – the sexy trainer for the professional hockey team has caught her eye, and it’s just the nudge she needs to ask him out.