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Wisdom and Change

I walk in a local conservation area every day and in the past few weeks, I’ve seen an owl every day or so. The owl is never in the same spot, so it’s a bit like playing “Where’s Waldo?”, and it’s very well camouflaged so it’s a magical moment when I do see it. Owls […]

Stress Busters!

What do you do to keep stress at bay this time of year? It’s a busy time and it helps to be intentional about taking time to reset and relax. I’ve learned a few tricks over the years and my favourite is to have a quiet space to retreat to when life gets hectic. Not […]

Good Advice!

Do you ever have moments when advice you heard growing up pops into your head? My mom’s  “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is a frequent one for me. Sometimes when I’m tired and debating whether I really need to floss my teeth before bed, my grandmother’s voice echoes in my head,   “You only need to […]

Hot Tips for Protecting your Skin (and a Hot Read)!

I’m passing along some hot tips for protecting your skin and lowering your skin cancer risk while enjoying the outdoors. The Ontario Medical Association spoke with Dr. Sandra Landolt, chair of the OMA’s section of dermatology, and shared this information: Understand sunscreen terminology When buying sunscreen, look for one that has a “broad spectrum label”, […]

Celebrating Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! Mom’s are amazing, aren’t they? It takes a lot of multi-tasking to nurture the emotional, physical, and social needs of a child and to nudge them to be responsible, caring individuals. There’s a lot of selfless love and sacrifice involved, and that’s why taking a moment to celebrate moms and to thank […]

Giving Characters Quirky Characteristics

When I’m writing a story, I give my characters, particularly the heroine, a unique and sometimes quirky characteristic to make certain that the character isn’t a cookie cutter type. Here are some examples: Mikaela Finn (Perfectly Honest) plans her day around her horoscope; Margo MacMillan (Perfectly Reasonable) judges people by the type and colour of […]

Scoring with Hockey Romances!

Love hockey romance? Medical hockey romance? Then I’d highly recommend the In the Game Hockey Romance Series! Four friends find love at the rink in these stand-alone, fast-paced, sexy, humorous stories. Head to the rink where it’s hot! Only 99c each and part of Kindle Unlimited.     Between the Pipes She reluctantly replaces the […]

Snowball Impress Contest – Vote for Madison!

If you’d like a chance to win a $10 gift card, join the fun at the Snowball Impress Contest over at the Coffee Time Romance blog! Vote for the character you’d like to be for a day! Imagine a day as Dr. Madison Hayes. If you haven’t always dreamed of being a doctor, remember she […]

Spice and mystery in Beyond the Face-Off! #MFRWHooks

Welcome to the #MFRWHooks blog hop! Beyond the Face-Off, a medical hockey romance, is in the spotlight today. Kelly Danali is a pharmacist and a total extrovert, shining in the spotlight. She’s determined to get to the bottom of a mystery involving a spike in teen drug use – and needs Jake Ross, the star […]

The Perfectly Series in the Spotlight!

Perfectly Honest and the Perfectly Series are in the spotlight on the Romance Lives Forever Blog. Check out a fun interview HERE               The Perfectly Series – there’s something – and someone – for everyone!