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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to tell the people in our lives that we love them and to let them know how grateful we are that they are part of our lives. It takes energy, compromise, time, patience, and acceptance to nurture a relationship. It sometimes takes difficult conversations – ones we’d rather avoid […]

Wisdom and Change

I walk in a local conservation area every day and in the past few weeks, I’ve seen an owl every day or so. The owl is never in the same spot, so it’s a bit like playing “Where’s Waldo?”, and it’s very well camouflaged so it’s a magical moment when I do see it. Owls […]

A Spark of Fun!

The holiday season is coming up fast and decorating will begin! I thought I’d review a few pointers for electrical safety. Somewhat random, but super important! Did you know that outdoor extension cords should never be used indoors? Say what? Yikes, guilty. Turns out outdoors cords are insulated against the cold and when used inside, […]

Love and the Hidden Hockey Clues

Love and the Hidden Hockey Clues, is the first in a new series, Laugh-out-Loud Hockey Caper Romance. It’s about a doctor who finds a tin box hidden between the studs during renovations of her home. She thought the items were random hockey mementos but after a few close encounters realizes they are possible clues to […]

Small-town story with a twist!

I wanted to put a twist on the usual small-town story where the townsfolk are trying to convince the doctor to stay. In Perfectly Christmas, the small town is worried that the new surgeon, who is only planning on staying for 2 years, will fall in love with their beloved family doctor and will lure […]

Cooking up some fun!

In Perfectly Honest, Mrs. Davy looks after Sam’s house when he’s not there and fills the fridge with meals that Sam can reheat. She makes a mean spaghetti sauce, and both Sam and Mikaela love Mrs. Davy’s chocolate chip cookies. And she makes a gluten free version! She’s sharing her recipes with us:   Gluten […]

Day 1 ~ Book 1 Recap!

It’s the last day of the 10-day Countdown! Tomorrow, Love and the Hockey Heist goes live!  Woohoo!! Love and the Hockey Heist is book 2 of the Laugh-out-Loud Hockey Caper Romance series, and today I’m recapping the first book in the series, Love and the Hidden Hockey Clues. If you haven’t read it, you have 1 day […]

Day 7 ~ Meet Brent Dean!

It’s day 7 of the 10-day Countdown!! Meet Brent Dean ~ the very sexy forward of the professional hockey team, Brighton Edge.  Love and the Hockey Heist is book 2 of the Laugh-out-Loud Hockey Caper Romance series. It’s a fun sports romance with a twist! June 12 is the big day. Woohoo!   Hey, how’s it […]