Day 7 ~ Meet Brent Dean!

It’s day 7 of the 10-day Countdown!! Meet Brent Dean ~ the very sexy forward of the professional hockey team, Brighton Edge.  Love and the Hockey Heist is book 2 of the Laugh-out-Loud Hockey Caper Romance series. It’s a fun sports romance with a twist! June 12 is the big day. Woohoo!


Hey, how’s it going? Brent Dean here. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a forward for the Brighton Edge. I’ve been with the team for four years and have just signed on for another four. We’re just coming off a successful season and have a bit of downtime to enjoy the summer.

I’m actually pumped right now. A good buddy and teammate of mine, Del Braebury, just passed along a message – a request really – through his fiancée, Abigail Parker. Abigail’s friend, Piper Roblin, is looking for a date for a dinner party. Now Piper might not remember this, but I met her in passing at a fundraiser that Abigail organized for the hospital. As hockey players, we often get requests to show up at some function or other, and since we have more time in the summer, we try to oblige them. But this time, I’m happy to volunteer. To say that I’d love to get to know Dr. Piper Roblin more is an understatement. Not sure why anyone so beautiful and smart would have trouble finding a date, but I’m not going to question it! Sign me up! I’ll let you know how it all turns out. I’m off for now. Have a good one!


Love and the Hockey Heist coverHere’s a bit about Brent’s story in Love and the Hockey Heist ~

Following the clues and falling in love…

Dr. Piper Roblin is peeved. She’s pretty sure her new neighbour stole her travel alarm clock. It may not be worth much, but it has sentimental value. Piper hatches a plan to get it back, but her plan relies on Brent Dean, popular forward of the Brighton Edge hockey team, to finagle a dinner invitation to gain access to her neighbour’s house.

Brent thought the invite from the stunningly beautiful cardiologist was based on a thoughtful gesture to welcome new neighbours to Brighton. He didn’t realize the gig included subterfuge, thievery, and a fake engagement. But he didn’t get to where he is without a lot of hustle and determination, and since he’s always up for some fun, let the games begin.


Love and the Hidden Hockey Clues is up for pre-order. The big day is June 12! Can’t wait to share this story with you. Stayed tuned – tomorrow I’ll be sharing a delicious vegetarian dinner recipe!

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